and Loosing our Nilla

Dotorina (as my oldest called her), a friend from the village of Lucinda, gifted my girls with a gift we have come to love more than we ever thought we could.  The gift’s name is Nilla Zoe.  She was a kitten back then, a year before my baby boy was born.

She had been gone once before, only for a few days, back at Loma de Luz.  She had birthed a few kittens, none which had survived.  She was still a young cat herself.  But she returned and was nursed back to health.
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and Pet Relocation

IMG_1798Nilla is about four years old and was given to us as a kitten by a local friend.  She is a good hunter and loves to eat geckos.  Being the good outdoor cat that she is, we haven’t had any snakes or mice in our house.  She is also our daughter’s pet and we can’t part without her.  It is certainly more convenient for mom and dad to leaver her in a familiar environment that is warm and full of geckos.  But, when children are about to be uprooted, it is worth the time and money to take their most precious items (and pets) so that they will not be parting with everything they know to be familiar and loved.  Here are the steps we’re taking to take Nilla with us: Continue reading