and Dip Shipping


A month or two before we moved back to the US, we had our yard sales and set aside our treasures to ship.  Each child got a plastic storage crate for their special toys, books, and keepsakes.  We had our hammocks, our Honduran carved entry table, my guitar, special paintings, my husband’s grandma’s silverware – mainly things we couldn’t replace.  Most of the items we shipped reminded us of special places and people, not only of Honduras but also of other seasons past.

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and Deciding what to Leave Behind

In other words… what stays and what goes?  What is worth keeping and shipping versus what should we sell or give away?  To a single minimalist, the answer is very simple; but when it comes to a family where one parent or child likes to get rid of things and another one doesn’t, it is more of an enigma that requires a lot of prayer, wisdom and patience.  These are the things we are doing: Continue reading