and Loosing our Nilla

Dotorina (as my oldest called her), a friend from the village of Lucinda, gifted my girls with a gift we have come to love more than we ever thought we could.  The gift’s name is Nilla Zoe.  She was a kitten back then, a year before my baby boy was born.

She had been gone once before, only for a few days, back at Loma de Luz.  She had birthed a few kittens, none which had survived.  She was still a young cat herself.  But she returned and was nursed back to health.
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and Buying a House (Part 2)

To read full story, go to and Buying a House (Part 1).

Flower Garden

My small flower garden

It rained for forty days and forty nights.  Israel wandered through the dessert for forty years.  Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights.

The season of Lent had just begun.  We decided to wait to house shop, again, this time for about forty days focused more specifically on seeking God’s guidance and not just our own assumptions. Continue reading

and Buying a House (Part 1)


All our friends and family members own a home.  Why shouldn’t we?  After a two years of renting, and investing in someone else´s property, maybe it is time to buy and put down some roots.  We heard that is is a buyer´s market.  So we decided the time was right to own a home..  Here are some of the steps we took and challenges we faced.

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and Entering the Teen Years

The transition from childhood to adulthood can be an exciting time for a young man or woman between the ages of 13 to 19.  But it can also be a confusing time, with all the emotional highs and lows many teens experience – the crushes, long talks on the phone with friends (or should I say, texting?), parties, heart-breaks, physical changes and testing the limits.  How far can I go?  Should I take a little sip of that drink?  Should I try that cigarette?  Should I take that picture?  What if my peers won’t like me?  What if that boy won’t like me?  Do my parents really know anything?

My teen years are so far behind me.  I lived through them and wished I had been more confident and prepared to make wiser choices in the face of different teenage traps along the way.  And now I am a mama of a 13 year-old.  Some of the pressing questions I have had as I have approached this season have been: How will I prepare this child for all the physical, emotional and social changes she is about to face?  What can I do to set her up for success and help her become confident in who she is as she faces the challenges that will come her way?

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and Moccasin Trail

See the source imageIt is a long book.  I have about five more chapters to go.  It is about a Third Culture Kid named Jim.  He is a white boy who was adopted by a Crow (Native American) tribe.  This book is about his quest to find out who he is and where he belongs.

My husband read it out loud to my children and my children loved it.  Somehow, they were able to identify with Jim, the main character.  They read several pages each night as part of our bedtime routine read-a-good-book-aloud tradition; so once they were all done, I decided to read it for myself.  It has been difficult to put it down.  I can also identify with Jim.

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and Making Friends in the South

Time flies!  We have been here a little over two years!  You may think we are past the transition, but the two year mark has hit harder on me than the first year mark.  I was on survival mode for the first year, searching for the basic necessities of life.  Do we have a place to live?  Check.  Transportation?  Check.  Schools?  Check.  Church?  Check.  Grocery store?  Bank?  Check.  Pediatrician?  Check. Walmart?  Target?  Check.  Friends?  Hmmm….  A few. Continue reading