and House Rental

It took us over 2 months to move into the current house we are renting and it has really been an answer to prayer.  I was getting tired of not having a place to put the little stuff that we own.  Now that we have a place to call home, the house fills up and the our bank account depletes.  We are now proud owners of a couch and we hope to get a dinning table delivered in a few weeks.  I almost cried when I went to Sears with my husband to buy a washer and dryer only to find the last box of exactly the same pots and pans (click on Adiós Microwave post) I owned in Honduras!  I was so excited!

We had a house rental secured even before we left Honduras.  We were only going to stay at my in-laws for about a week and then move to our own place.  So a few days before we were scheduled to move, we went to see our soon-to-be rental home only to find that it was not exactly what we had hoped it was.

Someone had broken into the house and had left a broken window with shattered glass all over the carpet!  It may have been thieves trying to get the copper from the refrigerator water line.  It was a bit tampered with.  Nevertheless, now we had doubts.  And we certainly didn’t want to move in until the broken window had been repaired.  We had to wait.

We waited a little over three weeks.  In that span of time, and many back and forth emails with the property management company, the broken window remained broken. And in a few days we were scheduled to travel to Colorado and Oklahoma.  We asked to the landlord reschedule the move-in date for after our return from our trip and after the repairs had been made.  But instead the landlord gave us an ultimatum: take possession of the house immediately or he would accept an offer to sell the house.  We saw so many red flags with this rental, and we decided to back out.  By God’s grace, our deposit was refunded.

What Will We Do Differently Next Time?  I will:

  1. NEVER sign a lease sight unseen.
  2. NEVER sign a lease right before bedtime.  I was so tired and desperate to have a place of my own.  My judgement was clouded.  I never think as clearly as when I am well rested.
  3. NOT feel pressured to pay the deposit immediately.  See #1.  Sometimes you may not get the deposit back even if you never took possession of the home.  In our case, it was to the owners discretion to return it.
  4.  Be more patient and wait.  Something better may turn up.  You never know!

After our Colorado and Oklahoma trip, we began another house hunt.  We took our time. And we found a place we are really enjoying, all of us, even Nilla, our cat.  Our children have made friends with other neighborhood kids.  Nilla is an outdoor cat again.  We are finally settling!  In fact, I am so pleased with this house and the street that we live in, that all I can say is, Thank you, God, for the broken window.  It was a blessing.

What has your rental experience been like?

Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!  Isaiah 30:18


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