and The Microwave

It was a little over six month before we moved back to the USA that our microwave stopped working due to the frequent power outages in our rural area of Honduras.   The timing was just right, though.  We were too close to our departure to purchase another one.  Having a gas range oven for re-heating food helped when the power was out, too.  And even though I missed the microwave initially; I learned to survive without it.  Here is how I survived:

I used my cast iron skillets a lot to re-heat my left over food.

If I had meat, sometimes I would just add a little bit of water and let it steam. I would re-heat steak by cutting it up into strips and stir-fry it with whatever vegetables I had available.  I would stir fry left over rice and then add left-over rotisserie chicken.  Sometimes I would add a little bit of soy sauce to the mix.

El Comal

And my beloved corn or flour tortillas, I would most certainly re-heat them in my flat round griddle (en español: el comal).   It is recommended that you re-heat food in the same place you originally cooked it in.  It makes perfect sense for tortillas.  But I would also use el comal to re-heat left over pizza, pancakes and waffles.  And since we had not owned a toaster for an even longer time, also due to frequent power outages; I would toast bread in el comal.  

El comal is a must have for any Honduran woman.  I was so sad to leave it behind.  But I was able to purchase a new one yesterday at T.J.Maxx!  I was so excited!

Kenmore 10 pc. Stainless Steel with Copper Band Cookware Set 2

These are the pots and pans I left behind.

Rather than using the microwave, I would also re-heat soups and stews in pots. It was just as easy and the soup or stew would remain warm for a longer time.

So, there you go!  You, too, can survive without a microwave.

Now that I have re-entered the US, having to re-buy almost everything I used to own, I recognize that I was attached to some of my kitchen things. I miss them! But I am reminded that I have an awesome Savior who is more precious than anything I could own. I really enjoyed celebrating His coming this Christmas.  He will continue to provide for all our needs this 2016.


What are some household items you miss having around?  What did you like about these items?  Have you been able to find suitable substitutes?

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Fear the Lord, you his holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Psalm 34:8-10


2 thoughts on “and The Microwave

  1. This was a fun read! Val has recently been into reheating things in pots and pans and skillets rather than in the microwave (we have one, but we’ve been learning to use it less).

    So, for years, I’ve been using a mismatched set of measuring cups and spoons…I have a 1/2 cup, a 1/2 cup, a 1 tsp, a 1/4 tsp, and a 1/2 TBSP. I think all the boys during each of their toddler years helped me misplace all my other sizes. But…I learned how to measure and follow recipes with what I had. And even got better at “eyeing” the measurements. Last week, I finally bought a replacement set of measuring cups and spoons (at only $4 for the whole set, I probably could have bought it a lot sooner!!).


    • Wonderful! I’m also looking for some measuring cups and spoons. And I’m really looking forward to finding a place to live so that I can start using my cast-iron comal!


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