and Things our 7 Year Old will Miss

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FullSizeRenderI just found this handwritten note that my youngest daughter wrote.  After correcting misspelled words, I had her write it down again and asked for her permission to post it on this blog.  She has come a long way from the first time we announced to our kids that we were moving.  She was not thrilled,at first.  She expressed sadness and disappointment.  “Mom, I’ve lived here all my life,” she said. We brought her here as an eight month old chubby baby.  This is where she learned to walk, talk, read, write, ride her bike, swim, meet her first best friend and so many other things that mark a child’s life.  I knew it would not be easy for her.  But having made our relocation announcement over six months ago, she is being given ample time to process the losses in her own way and to say her goodbyes.  She is the one preparing gift bags for her friends with some of her toys and books. And like Andy, in Toy Story 3, she is playing with those toys one last time.  Here is what she is going to miss from her known world (I have put it in categories):

  1. Honduras: The Caribbean Sea, Bay Islands, Cayos Chochinos, Rió Cangrejal, Río Bambú, Lago de Yohoa, the rain, the tropics, the jungle and animals in our back yard.  Honduras is truly one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  2. Special people: Juana, Don Chilo; part of our family that still live Honduras; my friends
  3. Our backyard: the green jungle and the animals that howl, chirp, sing and fly by.
  4. Special places: Our house, our backyard; pools we cool off at during the hot season; restaurants
  5. Children´s Day in Honduras: September 10th is a special day when we celebrate children.  We get ice-cream, candy, and piñatas at school.

So we are scheduling time to go back to these special places and people and say goodbye.  I have planned a goodbye party for each child and have allowed them to pick who they want to come and what they want to do.  I will write more on that on a different post.  What would your kids miss most if they were to move away?


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