and Reverse Culture-Shock

Sometime after Thanksgiving 1984, after almost 3 years of living in Boulder, CO, we left for home (Read 6 Ways We Were Welcomed to the USA.) Four kids under the age of 10 were loaded in the back of a blue Subaru station wagon with most of our possessions in the cartop carrier.  We were driving 2,865 miles back to our house, our family, our home in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  We stayed a night or two in Houston, crossed the border to Mexico, stayed in a few hotels along the way and made it to Mexico City by Christmas.  We spent an unforgettable Christmas with Honduran friends, had the best flan I can ever remember tasting.   Continue reading


and Surviving Intercontinental Flights with Children


Tokyo airport has got to be the most kid-friendly airport in the world!

Tokyo airport has got to be the most kid-friendly airport in the world!

Our family took a long trip from Central America to South East Asia for our company’s bi-annual gathering/employee training.  We traveled from SPS-SAL, 30 minutes; SAL-LAX, 6 hours; LA-TOKYO, 11.5 hours; TOKYO-BGK, 7 hours, BGK-Chiang Mai, 1 hour (2 ways).  Our seats were not all together in the same rows for most of the flights.  Most of the flights went smoothly; nevertheless, our recently-turned 3 year old son threw a MAJOR fit on the 7 hour flight from Tokyo to Bangkok (kicking, screaming, biting, hitting – yes, we have been through it all) after waking up from a long nap. It was sad, embarrassing and tiring; but it eventually ended and we were thankful to be on ANA (All Nippon Airways).   Continue reading

and Things our 7 Year Old will Miss

FullSizeRenderI just found this handwritten note that my youngest daughter wrote.  After correcting misspelled words, I had her write it down again and asked for her permission to post it on this blog.  She has come a long way from the first time we announced to our kids that we were moving.  She was not thrilled,at first.  She expressed sadness and disappointment.  “Mom, I’ve lived here all my life,” she said. We brought her here as an eight month old chubby baby.  This is where she learned to walk, talk, read, write, ride her bike, swim, meet her first best friend and so many other things that mark a child’s life.   Continue reading