and Pet Relocation

IMG_1798Nilla is about four years old and was given to us as a kitten by a local friend.  She is a good hunter and loves to eat geckos.  Being the good outdoor cat that she is, we haven’t had any snakes or mice in our house.  She is also our daughter’s pet and we can’t part without her.  It is certainly more convenient for mom and dad to leaver her in a familiar environment that is warm and full of geckos.  But, when children are about to be uprooted, it is worth the time and money to take their most precious items (and pets) so that they will not be parting with everything they know to be familiar and loved.  Here are the steps we’re taking to take Nilla with us:

  1. We Have Checked Out Our Airline’s Information:  Most or all airlines have information on pet travel on their websites.  We are flying on United.  Here is the link to their page: Traveling with Animals on United.  Cats are small enough to be able to travel in-cabin or as check-in luggage.  I worry about people with cat allergies, though.
  2. We are Aware of the Type of Kennel We Need:  Your airline information page should give you specifics on what sizes to look for and what types of kennels are approved.  The kennel on the picture is not an approved one; therefore, we now have the task of looking for an appropriate one.  Check this site for more specifics: Pet Container Requirements.
  3. We Have Checked for Our Country’s Regulations on Importing Animals: There are few regulations for importing a cat or a dog into the USA.  But always check and ask about specific breeds or types of animals.  It may be illegal to remove certain animal species from a country.  Check the Center for Disease Control to become informed about your pet’s entry into the USA.  Their website is: CDC: Bringing Animals to the USA
  4. We Will Get the appropriate vaccines:  We will need to get Nilla vaccinated for Rabies.  We know that she will be inspected at our port of entry and are aware she may not be allowed in.  But we are hoping for the best.  If you are moving to the USA, you can search for information on your specific state requirements for Rabies’ vaccination.  Here is a site with a table for state Rabies laws: Rabies Vaccine Requirements for States.
  5. We Will Fill Out the Airline’s Request Form:  United has a .pdf fillable request form that we need to submit.  Check out your airlines’ request form for pet travel.  In it, you give details on the pet, its weight, kennel dimensions, port of exit and entry, etc.  After you submit the form, you will be contacted regarding space availability and payment.
  6. We are Aware of Our Local Pet Relocation Services:  There are also companies who help you take your pet where it needs to go.  Most, if not all, offer door to door service.   Search online for one in your area.  We found one for our area: Panama Pet Relocation Services.

I hope this helps you have a better idea of what you need to do to take your pet to its new home with you and your loved ones.  Our next step will be to find a house to rent that has a garage or shed where we can get Nilla used to her new environment and climate.

Do you have any other advice on pet travel?  Have you taken your pet in-cabin with you?  What kind of kennel would you recommend for in-cabin travel?

Have a safe journey, both you and your pet!


5 thoughts on “and Pet Relocation

  1. Wonderful! We considered bringing pets for about five seconds but we didn’t think Woodrow would like to fly. We have a cat who is about 1.5 years old. Her name is Trixie. I am allergic to her and don’t think living in an apartment with her would be good for me. 🙂 She has lived outside for most of her life. She is living with our friend in Bee Branch. Woodrow is living with Dave’s mom. As far as people with allergies on the plane, I don’t think it is a problem. People are allergic to cat saliva that stays on their fur. When they shed and people get it on their hands and into their nose, then they have an allergic response. I think if the cat is in a kennel, her fur won’t be shedding on the plane. What does Joel think?

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    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for my very first comment! hahaha! I’m also mildly allergic to cats, so I understand about not taking your cat with you. How do you keep Trixie warm during the winter? And… if cat allergies on a plane is not a problem, I would rather have Nilla go in-cabin with us. I’m not sure yet what Joel will say about this, though. We’ll have to talk about it more and see if we can find the right carrier. Thanks for the help! What kind of pets do people keep in your country?


      • In the winter, we would let her sleep in the garage with a litter box. She was litter box trained at the shelter when we got her. We let her stay in the house as a kitten (until she was big enough to defend herself and climb trees and fixed!!!) so she was used to the litter box. The problem with this is that EVERY SINGLE
        TIME we opened the garage (despite the weather) she would run in and we’d have to catch her and put her back out. She would also sneak in the house and hide under the bed. There are some nice cat houses that would keep her plenty warm, we just never looked into it.

        There are cats here. They look different, more of the smushed nose variety. I’ve seen them loose in the courtyard of our complex and sometimes on the street. A lot of people have dogs. They seem to favor the chocolate poodles here; I’ve seen tons of them. I’ve seen a few golden retrievers, but most of the street dogs are mutts that all have the same weird tail. I have seen a fair number of Pomeranians. We will not be getting a pet here. I think six kids in a 9th floor apartment is enough!!! 😆


      • Ha! Good reason not to take your pet! Every time I go on a jog and see a mutt with one of those funny tails, I pick up a rock, just in case. I’ve had some growl at me. I recently found out they’re all scared of being hit by a rock.


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